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Your Body is in Good Hands


Hello! My name is Mori, founder, manager, and coach of the ‘CrossFit Modiin’ club. I am a veteran immigrant from the United States and am 58 years old. I am no longer young but I can tell you that I honestly feel wonderful.

When I was young, I was a semi-professional athlete, and after a few years, I became an ice hockey team coach. Health and fitness have always been a top priority of mine and to this day I continue to participate in Triathlon competitions both in the US and in Israel.

When I immigrated to Israel, I decided that the time had come to bring the news of CrossFit here as well. I studied at the CrossFit International Center in the US and received formal certification from the CrossFit International Center as a Crossfit and Strength Trainer.

Today, I enjoy the close escort of the center in the US, which conducts regular reviews at the club I founded – CrossFit Modiin.

CrossFit has taught me that the body must be respected and treated wisely, and so I choose to treat my body and those of my practitioners. Only then can you achieve great achievements that do good to the soul and of course – build a magnificent body.


CrossFit – training in minimal time, with the maximum benefit!

Want to feel amazing while at the same time improving yourself physically and mentally? Want to take control of your body and your life? Do you want to become a member of a supportive community that encourages its members?

Club CrossFit Modiin is the place for you!

Our professional coaches and I are waiting to meet you at BOX in Modi’in.

Murry Zobrowski

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