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Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

You are about to undergo an exciting change that will positively affect all aspects of your life. From the moment you join CrossFit training, you will feel how building your core strength affects your life for the better while making day-to-day activities easier and more enjoyable!

In order to start CrossFit, you will need the help of a professional trainer who is knowledgeable and has years of experience. This is because many of the techniques need to be tailored to fit the individual’s needs. CrossFit also has a variety of moves that need to be taught one-on-one to clients so they can learn proper formation without hurting or straightening their muscles.

This is why the first step is it to focus on proper movement, and then focus on the intensity of the workout.

The CrossFit method is based on three interrelated principles that influence one another:


The ability to correctly perform core movements in the most efficient, effective and safe manner while at the same time using CrossFit objects and weights.


Maintaining the level of uniform performance of the exercises throughout the workout.


Greg Glassman, the CrossFit creator, said: ‘Power brings all the good results from training’

A different physical and psychological threshold enables high-intensity workouts – The process takes time. Be patient and be proud of all your incredible achievements.


מספר נקודות חשובות עם צאתכם למסע הקרוספיט

It is Important to Remember:

    • The CrossFit method teaches you to compete with yourself and not with others. Avoid comparisons and competition. Focus and take time for yourself.
    • Do not be afraid of a slow journey. Climb up the training ladder gradually, using your judgment and patience. Listen to your own body.
    • What you eat is more important than what you are lifting (pressing). Proper nutrition is key to all areas of your life. It affects your energy levels, your immune system, and your physical recovery.
    • Do not be afraid to ask for clarifications and explanations again. And again. And again. It’s about your health. Take the time, understand each exercise deeply and remember that understanding some of the exercises take a long time. If you need help – do not hesitate to ask for it.
    • The training deals with building general physical readiness (GPP – General Physical Preparedness). The occupation of CrossFit is designed to improve lives. The GPP allows us to successfully meet new challenges.
    • CrossFit training is not easy- but it becomes more understandable over time. The more you practice, the more structured and simple it becomes. You will get stronger, develop cardio endurance and you will have the capacity to develope resilience.
    • Even if you have had a hard day and you do not have the strength to give 100% do not give up – reduce intensity, reduce tempo – but do not give up training. Something is better than nothing.
    • Have fun! Smile. Laugh. Do not take yourself or coaching too seriously. If you did not enjoy it ask yourself – why am I here? Do I enjoy the CrossFit community?
    • Take time to rest and recover. Don’t work your body too hard. Reduce intensity, repetition, and weight from time to time. This will allow time for your body to heal and recover. Proper nutrition, adequate drinking, and sleep all have a significant role to play in recovery. You must learn to listen to your body.
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