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קרוספיט – מינימום זמן, מקסימום תועלת


CrossFit -Training for Life


In the early 2000s, Greg and Lauren Glassman, originally from California, developed a unique training method that was the first of its kind. The CrossFit training method was based on the principle of creating a workout regimen that could be done quickly but would still offer participants an intense workout. CrossFit was designed to expand the athlete’s physical abilities, while at the same time developing mental strength and self-confidence.

Over the years, CrossFit has been adopted by police departments, special combat units, army, firefighters, martial artists and thousands of professional athletes around the world. Over the years, CrossFit has become a phenomenon that has captured the general public throughout the world.


“You put junk in,
junk comes out.
You put good in,
good comes out”

– Jack Lalanne

Crossfit is more than just fitness

From the moment you join our family you will quickly feel changes in your ability to perform everyday tasks with ease such as carrying groceries, carrying you children or even bending over to tie your shoes. You will find yourself with increased energy, strength and the capacity to do daily activates with effortlessness and pain free.

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